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Travel insurance

You really need travel insurance because at times your travelling can turn into a nightmare.accidents, losing your luggage, illness and your flights being cancelled are some of the reasons for the need of an insurance cover. If you get to acquire one travel cover you will have saved some thousands of shillings and you get to enjoy travelling peacefully.

International tarvel insurance could also be described as an insurance policy that will provide to you 24 hours emergency medical you may know this insurance policy is not a general health insurance policy. The user is intended to use the cover in the event of a sudden illness or accident if occurred when the insurer has gone out of the country.

There is specialty assistance which must be contacted as soon as the need arises. If the insured is dying or has been involved in an accident, or has been admitted in the hospital. The company is usually not liable for any cost if there has not been an express further approval of specialty assistance. The travel policy comes with the following benefits

  • All the emergency and medical related expenses are all sorted
  • You are provided with a personal accident cover.
  • There is a reimbursement of reasonable expenses which have been incurred following the travel delays
  • There is a

    reimbursement of a personal accident cover and the accommodation expenses which have been incurred in the event of cancellation of a trip that has been insured

Travel insurance could also be arranged as you are booking your trip so that it can cover the exact time you will be on that trip. There is a multi-policy that covers a unlimited number of trips within a certain duration of time. Some policies may offer both lower and higher medical expenses as an option. The higher options are for those countries that have high medical costs for example the United States.

There are still some credit cards which offer an automatic travel insurance if at all the travel arrangements are also paid for using the credit cards. Although these policies are mostly generic and a lot of care is taken into consideration. Also there are so many Insurance policies that are readily available in the market place and you need to be very cautious at what events are being covered by each type of policy, what it excludes, and the limits applied besides any other issues.

Some travel policies provides some additional costs for some covers although they may vary in wide between the providers. If your luggage has been stolen or lost in the airline the insurance company will do an investigation first because this is something that happens a lot in travels.